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  • Ecology.Energy.Biology

College of Environmental Sciences and Ecology


pictureExponential population growth, coupled with rising resources consumption during the past decades, has caused concern about the sustainability of our planet Earth. Pollution, environmental degradation, and loss of biodiversity are now central issues for the global society, and will continue to be so for decades to come. The needs for environmental protection, ecological conservation, and the development of clean energy and biotechnology for the improvement of food supplies and medicine are ever increasing. The College of Environmental Sciences and Ecology at National University of Tainan is a multi-disciplinary institution dedicated to research and education in environment, ecology, energy, and biotechnology.

Educational Goals

The College provides the highest quality research and teaching for the training of environmentally literate citizens and well-educated professionals and research personnel, capable of helping in the construction of a sustainable society. Graduates from the College have broad career opportunities in both public and private sectors, including governmental institutions, private entrepreneurship, non-government organizations, education, research and development institutions, academia, and postgraduate studies.

Departments and Graduates Institutes

The College is located in an ecologically diversified area of coastal Tainan; with the surrounding biotechnology industries, the College provides unsurpassed hands-on learning experiences and research settings for its students and faculty. We provide multidisciplinary expertise, including environment protection, ecological conservation, green energy, sustainable tourism, and applied biotech for food and medicine. The College is comprised of three departments and four graduate institutes as follows:

1. Department of Ecology and Environmental Resources

2. Department of Biological Sciences and Technology

3. Department of Greenergy Technology

Features and Future Development

The College of Environmental Sciences and Ecology is designed to meet future needs of the society in areas such as environmental management, ecological conservation, energy, biotechnology, and ecotourism. It will continue to grow with the planned addition of the Eco-center. With its superior geographic position and abundant natural resources, the College stands out as an ideal academic institution devoted especially to teaching and research in natural and life sciences.